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For Immediate Release

July 12th 2016


Ragas Live Festival, radio’s “most ambitious event”, takes the stage at Pioneer Works on July 23-24th from noon-noon. 24 sets over 24 hours.  They announce the full lineup today. (Full schedule below)


Born five years ago as an epic 24 hour live radio broadcast at WKCR 89.9 FM-NY, the annual event features 24 sets of music and over 50 musicians.  It has grown to have a global impact, receiving press and listeners all around the world.

This summer, while still broadcasting/streaming on WKCR and podcasting on NYC Radio Live, Ragas Live Festival 2016, for the first time, can be experienced as an immersive, live concert experience at Pioneer Works.


A premier destination, Pioneer Works was founded in 2012 by artist Dustin Yellin and is located in a 25,000-square-foot manufacturing warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The bank of windows adjacent to the stage are ideal for such an event as the raga music is time specific, making the shifting light match the shifting music.   


Producers: NYC Radio Live, Brooklyn Raga Massive and Pioneer Works with Support from the Rubin Museum of Art.

Time: July 23 12:00pm – July 24 12:00pm


Tickets are available at


$40 in advance

$50 at the door


Concert will be broadcast live on WKCR 89.9 FM (

Streamed at Clocktower Radio (

Podcast on NYC Radio Live (


International radio broadcast partners include:

98.0 Al Farouk / RFI in Timbuktu, Mali

And Radio LoRa, 97.5FM Zurich, Switzerland


Pioneer Works is at

159 Pioneer St, Brooklyn, NY 11231


6/2/2015 NYC, NY

On SATURDAY July 23 noon- SUNDAY July 24 noon Ragas Live Festival 2016 will broadcast live from Pioneer Works.  For the first time, fans of the broadcast, now in it’s fifth year, can now listen in or attend the event in person.    

The event was selected for the June 1st article  “Summer Sounds: Eight Concerts to Catch in NYC” by the Village Voice which says “Indian classical music being a long-form proposition, immersion is highly recommended. The diving doesn’t get much deeper than this 24-hour festival, which has been produced since 2012 as a radio program by NYC Radio Live and Brooklyn Raga Massive” – Richard Gehr


The Ragas Live Festival has been called “Radio’s Most Ambitious Festival”  It began in 2012 when a community of over 50 world-class musicians came together to perform Indian Classical Music live on the radio for a period of 24 hours.   Entering it’s 5th year, it has grown to become an annual event that unites, electrifies and expands the audience of raga. It is the sole event of it’s kind (even in India) and has the active participation and promotion all the major Indian classical organizations in the region.  The festival is open source with the broadcast.  It reaches audiences through the terrestrial radio station, WKCR 89.9 FM-NY and are streamed on the internet to international audiences through Clocktower Radio, and shared on the podcast NYC Radio Live.   Highlights will be broadcast on 98.0 Al Farouk / RFI in Timbuktu, Mali  Switzerland and Radio LoRa Zurich 97.5FM.  Data from the NYC Radio Live Podcast shows the festival has reached over 60 countries.  

The event is produced by the podcast NYC Radio Live, Brooklyn Raga Massive and Pioneer Works with support from The Rubin Museum of Art and in collaboration with WKCR, HarmoNYom, Chhandayan Center for Indian Music, Clocktower Productions, Krishna Bhatt’s Gurukul & Taalim School of Indian Music

In the past year, the New Yorker,  New York Times and Wall St. Journal have all made note of a “raga renaissance” blossoming in New York City.  With its broadcast, live element and 24 hours of musicians, Ragas Live Festival 2016 will be the most ambitious event attempted in this young movement.  

Raga, which literally means “to color the mind,” are musical modes in Indian Classical Music that correspond with specific times of the day or the night. The raga music in the festival will correspond to the time of their performance, and the experience will be further enhanced by the towering banks of windows in Pioneer Works.  “As the the light shifts, the music will correspond to those changes – it will be an immersive, holistic experience.” says Lauren Crump, Associate Producer of the Festival.   

Founder and Executive Producer of the Ragas LIve Festival, David Ellenbogen says,  


“In terms of expanding the audience for Raga, the Ragas Live Festival has been a success beyond our dreams, however, both artists and listeners have always requested the opportunity to share the experience in person.  Thanks to Pioneer Works we have found the ultimate setting for such an experiment.


“For 24 hours we are going to create a temple of music.  The space will resonate with energies associated with that specific time of the day…those in the space will watch the light shift and hear and feel the subtle changes.  Through the broadcasts on WKCR and NYC Radio Live we will be sharing that sound and energy throughout New York City and to a global audience.”


Pandit Samir Chatterjee, a virtuoso tabla player from India and director of the Chhandayan organization, a community partner with Ragas Live Festival for 5 years, says “May the living entities of Ragas be realized through Ragas Live!”


Highlights will include the world-renowned maestros Pd. Krishna Bhatt, Brooklyn Raga Massive’s Ravi Shankar Tribute, Max ZT and Karsh Kal,e   Bansuri maestros Steve Gorn and Jay Gandhi, and Carnatic (South Indian) music from Roopa Mahadevan. Reflecting the current raga renaissance underway in brooklyn there will be some contemporary takes on raga music including a drumset solo originally composed for tabla by Dan Weiss, the kora/tabla electro/acoustic duo Orakel, and the Arun Ramamurthy Trio which interprets centuries old South Indian compositions in the context of a jazz trio.


The Full Schedule is here:

12pm-1pm Brooklyn Raga Massive’s Ravi Shankar Tribute Neel Murgai (sitar), Sameer Gupta (tabla), Arun Ramamurthy (violin), Eric Fraser (bansuri), Trina Basu (violin), Michael Gam (bass), Samarth Nagarkar (vocal)
1pm-2pm Akshara Bala Skandan (mridangam), Arun Ramamurthy (violin), Trina Basu (violin), Jay Gandhi (bansuri), Kabilan Jeginathan (kanjira), Max ZT (dulcimer)
2pm-3pm Arun Ramamurthy Trio Arun Ramamurthy (violin), Sameer Gupta (tabla), Perry Wortman (bass)
3pm-4pm Dan Weiss Teen Taal Drumset Solo Dan Weiss (Drumset) Michael Gam (bass)
4pm-5pm Nivedita Shivraj Nivedita ShivRaj -Veena

Bala Skandan -(mridangam)

5pm-6pm Mitali Bhawmik Mitali Bhawmik (vocal), Meghashyam Keshav (tabla), Ramachandra Joshi (harmonium)
6pm-7pm Neel Murgai Neel Murgai (sitar), Sameer Gupta (tabla)
7pm-8pm Vivek Pandya (Tabla solo) Vivek Pandya (tabla), Kalpit Pandya (harmonium)
8pm-9pm Roopa Mahadevan Roopa Mahadevan (vocal) Anjna Swaminathan (violin), Bala Skandan (mridangam)
9-pm-10pm Snehasish Mozumder Snehashish Mozumdar (mandolin), Shiva Ghoshal (tabla)
10pm-11pm Krishna Bhatt Krishna Bhatt (sitar) Meghashyam Keshav (tabla)
11pm-12am Jay Gandhi Jay Gandhi (bansuri) Shankh Lahiri (Tabla)
12am-1am Anupam Shobhakar Anupam Shobhakar (sarod) Shankh Lahiri (Tabla)
1am-2am Max ZT Ensemble Max ZT (hammered dulcimer), Sameer Gupta (tabla), Priya Darshini (vocal), Kane Mathis (kora)
2am-3am Pradhanica Mike Lukshis (tabla), Kaumil Shah (djembe), and Vincent Pierce (cajon), Indrajit Roy-Chowdhury (sitar)
3am-4am Orakel Kane Mathis (kora, electronics) Roshni Samlal (tabla)
4am-5am Adam Maalouf feat. Josh Geisler and Shiva Ghoshal Adam Maalouf (hand pans) ,Joshua Geisler (bansuri, guitar, electronics), Shivalik Ghoshal (tabla)
5am-6am Deepal Chodhari Deepal Chodhari (santoor), Shiva Ghoshal (tabla),
6am-7am Samarth Nagarkar Samarth Nagarkar (vocal), Meghashyam Keshav (tabla), Rohan Prabhudesai (harmonium)
7am-8am Daisy Paradis Daisy Paradis (sitar), Uchhal Banerjee (tabla)
8am-9am Sanghamitra Chatterjee Sanghamitra Chatterjee (vocal), Dibyarka Chatterjee (tabla)
9am-10am Steve Gorn and Eric Fraser Steve Gorn (bansuri) Eric Fraser (bansuri) Shivalik Ghoshal (tabla)
10am-11am Sandip Bhattacharjee Sandip Bhattacharjee (vocal), Dibyarka Chatterjee (tabla)
11am-12pm Abhik Mukherjee Abhik Mukherjee (sitar), Shankh Lahiri (Tabla)




Direct press inquiries to:


Executive producer:

David Ellenbogen,


Pioneer Works:

Marco Orozco


Event location:

Pioneer Works

159 Pioneer St, Brooklyn, NY 11231




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